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    Come to our flagship studio right here in scranton pa that sets the standard for hot yoga studios all over the world. Our company, Hot Yoga supply .com, has designed, consulted, or supplied over 3000 studios around the world. Come breathe, stretch, relax, and cultivate mindfullness in our beautiful, stress-free 5 star spa setting that showcases the industry’s safest, cleanest, ecologically friendly and most efficient “rainforest” atmosphere.

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      4 hours ago

      Electric City Yoga & Wellness

      Happy Equinox!!🧡🍁💛🍂💛🤗✨AUTUMN SHOWS US THE ART OF LETTING GO

      Autumn is the season of reaping what has been sown and of things coming to fruition. Traditionally, it is also a time when one begins to wind down and celebrate the abundant vital goodness of the earth, just before the year moves into colder times and the darkness of winter. Because of the richness and bountiful colours in nature, the changing light it is also a very suggestive time, that leads us to reflect on changes and inner growth, as well as letting go all that is no longer serving us. It is the perfect time to release blockages and free ourselves from unnecessary burdens we carry around to create space and move on. I find comfort in the fact that the trees and nature radiate such magnificent beauty when they are in the midst of letting go. For many of us, letting go can be hard. It can be a real struggle to release people, things, or emotions we've grown accustomed to having in our lives. I, for example, find it sometimes devastating and hard to let go of loved ones, especially when I haven’t made the decision myself to separate our ways. But when it comes to letting go of certain projects that don’t seem to work -even while I have put my heart and Soul in it- I have absolutely no trouble saying goodbye. It’s far more easy for me to see disbalance when there goes more energy into a projects then it flows out and let it go then letting go of the people who played a significant role at some point in my life. We're all different when it comes to letting go, but I bet that no matter who you are, you have a hard time letting go of something that no longer caters your wellbeing or serves your highest good. This doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to release something.. And it might not happen just as fluently as that magniteus trees that let go of their leaves so graciously each autumn. Still, you can decide to stop clinging to anything that you no longer need in your life, to release it and create space for all that DOES serve you -in any way. Starting with bringing it into your awareness and to shine a truthful light on it.

      While change can be a good thing, it can be intimidating as well. After all, many people admit that change is one of their biggest fears. That is completely understandable though because in order to change, something new has to replace something old. Something within your comfort zone has to disappear. But remind yourself that true change takes place outside your comfort zone. And just like the colorful leaves swirling around and falling down, letting go of what they held onto, change can be a beautiful part of life. Especially when we are able to truly heal and let go of the past and integrate all the lessons, the good and bad ones, they brought us.
      Start by simply having the faith that you can withstand this trial in your life.

      Create clarity on​ ​your​ ​goals and commit yourself to them​.​ Do what needs to be done to create the life you wish for yourself and your loved ones. Become the best possible version of yourself, even if it’s just a tiny little step a day. Remember that you don’t need to explain yourself to others. We respect others yes.. and take responsibility for what we have (co)created but we keep our head up high and with dignity we walk our own Path as we know best what is needed to fulfil our calling and mission in this lifetime.

      No one is saying that it’s going to be easy, we need darkness to see the light. But by learning ‘the Art of letting go’, we provide ourselves a strong tool to march forward more easy with difficulties in life.

      Author: Tara Isis Gerris
      Tara Isis Gerris

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      5 hours ago

      Electric City Yoga & Wellness

      Celebrate the Fall Equinox on your mat 9am(60) today!! 🧡✨💛🍁🍂🍎🍁🍂🧘‍♀️💛✨🧡✨💛 ...

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    Whether you suffer from neck/back pain, arthritis, sports injuries or you are just looking to lose weight; hot yoga is a great way to stretch, detoxify, relieve stress, tone, and heal.


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